Training is critical to the mission of Delaware County ARES-RACES. Like other emergency personnel and first responders, experience gained through training and drilling results in positive outcomes for communications volunteers. ARES-RACES units are dedicated to training and devote much effort to learning necessary skills and protocols. As new technologies, techniques and protocols in communication emerge, ARES-RACES personnel must stay one step ahead to provide the high level of professionalism expected by the agencies they serve.

Training resources available on this page will be added and updated as necessary.

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Basic Training Requirements for ARES-RACES Personnel

All Delaware County ARES-RACES personnel are required to successfully complete a minimum of (5) training courses administered by both the ARRL and FEMA. Additionally, personnel are required to participate in nets, drills, exercises and other training programs deemed necessary by the Emergency Coordinator and Training Officer. The (5) ARRL and FEMA training courses are available online and can be completed at the student's convenience. The ARRL course has a fee, but all of the FEMA courses are free. Click on the links to register for courses or view specific information.

   Course No.   Title of Course
EC-001   ARRL - Level I Basic Intro Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
IS-100   FEMA - Intro to Incident Command System
IS-200   FEMA - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
IS-700   FEMA - National Incident Management System - Intro
IS-800   FEMA - National Response Framework - Intro

Other Recommended Training Courses

   Course No.   Title of Course
IS-802   FEMA - Emergency Support Functions - Communications
Training Link   NOAA - SKYWARN - Basic & Advanced Spotter

Recommended Publications

ARRL: Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course: Level I

ARRL: Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course: Level II

ARRL: ARES Field Resources Manual

ARRL: Emergency Communication Handbook 

ARRL: Emergency Power for Radio Communications