Online SKYWARN Training Options (you only need to complete one to become a spotter):

  1. We will be scheduling some webinar sessions (you only need to attend one session to become a spotter). I hope to have these scheduled and updated on our website by the end of this week. These will be conducted through GoToWebinar free of charge, so it is available on a wide variety of platforms and  you will be able to ask questions during the session. If you are interested in this option, there will be a pre-registration available on our website once they are scheduled.
  2. Recorded local Skywarn presentation: You will be able to view a series of 3 YouTube videos (Skywarn Training 2019 Videos) recorded at the end of last year (the Skywarn presentation has changed very little since then). Obviously you won't be able to ask questions in real time with this format, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me, and I will be happy to answer them. After completing these, you will need to complete the registration here
  3. COMET/MetEd modules: You can complete a series of two modules on the COMET/MetEd website. A few notes about this option: this doesn't have some of the local-specific information, but it is a great course. Also, you may have to register to take any module on this site, but it is free. After completing these two modules, if you are interested in becoming a spotter, please complete the registration for our office here.

Please note that for any of these options, it may take me 4 to 6 weeks to send a Spotter ID to you (after you register or after you complete the webinar) as I anticipate that we will have several people interested in these options and so we may have a large backlog.

Thank you for your interest in the Skywarn program.