Weekly Delco ARES Net - Analog and Digital

Analog, Monday, 19:30 on W3KG - Boothwyn Analog Repeater
Digital, Monday, 20:15 on W3AEC - DELSTAR West Digital Repeater System

All Amateur Radio operators are encouraged to participate in the weekly Delaware County ARES-RACES Analog Net held each Monday evening at 19:30 hours local time on the W3KG repeater in Delaware County. The directed net is used a drill and emergency communications protocols are followed. Important announcements concerning operating activities and upcoming events are made during the net. ARES team members are encouraged to operate via emergency power during the weekly nets to test batteries and equipment. Hope to hear you there!

The weekly net affords all Amateur Radio operators an opportunity to practice using emergency communication techniques during the directed net and to test equipment on a regular basis. The net also provides a conduit to relay important operational information to team members.

Because the weekly net is employed as an emergency communication exercise, all personnel checking in should keep their comments brief and of a nature relating to Amateur Radio. It is not a chit-chat net.

When checking in, it is highly encouraged to utilize the ITU phonetic alphabet for clarity and practice for passing traffic.

Net Schedule Delco ARES

Net Day





Monday 7:30 PM Delco ARES Weekly Analog Net DC R1 W3KG BOOTHWYN Michael Thomas Michael Thomas
Monday 8:15 PM Delco ARES Weekly Digital Net DD DW W3AEC LIMA Michael Thomas Michael Thomas
Monday 7:00 PM Delco ARES Monthly Meeting Michael Thomas Michael Thomas
Delco ARES Training Michael Thomas Michael Thomas
Delco ARES Administrative Michael Thomas Michael Thomas
Saturday 10:00 AM Delco ARES Get Together Michael Thomas Michael Thomas
Saturday 10:00 AM Delco ARES Radio Channel Propagation Testing DC R1 W3KG BOOTHWYN Chris Kelleher Chris Kelleher
Delco ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET) DC R1 W3KG BOOTHWYN Michael Thomas Michael Thomas
Delco ARES Field Day Chris Kelleher Chris Kelleher

Repeaters for Delco ARES

Channel Name

On Air Name



Off Freq

Off Dir




DC R1 W3KG BOOTHWYN Delco Romeo One 446.775 441.775 5 - Minus FM Tone 88.5 Hz
DD DW W3AEC LIMA Delstar Whiskey 440.05625 445.05625 5 + Plus DV None


Repeater information for the regularly scheduled Nets in the greater Philadelphia Area is on our Channels page.

SKYWARN Net for Delco ARES

Click SKYWARN for more information on SKYWARN Net

ITU Phonetic Alphabet

For critical information, or under noisy conditions, spell words with standard ITU phonetics.  ITU phonetics were chosen so that each word sounds completely different from all others.

A - ALPHA (AL-fa)          B - BRAVO (BRAH-voh)
C - CHARLIE (CHAR-lee)     D - DELTA (DELL-tah)
E - ECHO (ECK-oh)          F - FOXTROT (FOKS-trot)
G - GOLF (GOLF)            H - HOTEL (HOH-tell)
I - INDIA (IN-dee-ah)      J - JULIET (JU-lee-ett)
K - KILO (KEY-loh)         L - LIMA (LEE-mah)
M - MIKE (MIKE)            N - NOVEMBER (no-VEM-ber)
O - OSCAR (OSS-cah)        P - PAPA (PAH-PAH)
Q - QUEBEC (kay-BECK)      R - ROMEO (ROW-me-oh)
S - SIERRA (SEE-air-rah)   T - TANGO (TANG-go)
U - UNIFORM (YOU-ni-form)  V - VICTOR (VIK-tor)
W - WHISKEY (WISS-key)     X - X-RAY (ECKS-ray)
Y - YANKEE (YANG-key)      Z - ZULU (ZOO-loo)