Amateur Radio Emergency Service: A proud tradition

Since the dawn of the electronic age, Amateur Radio operators have been ready to answer the call in times of disaster and national emergency.

In World War II, thousands of Amateur Radio operators enlisted in the military, bringing their communications expertise to the U.S. Navy and Army Signal Corps. When Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast, destroying the telecommunications infrastructure in Louisiana and Mississippi, it was Amateur Radio operators who stepped in to relay critical message traffic.

The legacy of Amateur Radio in emergency communications is a proud history of dedicated individuals serving their communities and nation in times of need. Please consider joining your fellow Amateur Radio operators dedicated to service by joining the Delaware County Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

One person can make a difference!

Joining Delaware County ARES-RACES

If you're a licensed Amateur Radio operator interested in volunteering with Delaware County ARES-RACES, please complete a membership application and email a scanned copy or mail it via post to the address at the bottom of the form.