*********EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE*****************


The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Activation Communication System (ACS) will commence operations at 6 PM till 8pm for the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station exercise. This exercise aims to evaluate the preparedness of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of Maryland in responding to a nuclear emergency at the facility. ACS operators within a 100-mile radius of the Peach Bottom Plant are kindly requested to report. For reference, a map and frequency information are available at https://www.pemaauxcom.org/peach-bottom-map 

Stations can submit reports via Winlink to KB3NIA, HF Radio frequency (TBD and will be posted on the provided link), or through DMR on Brandmeister Network Talkgroup 31420.

Stations are asked to provide the following information:

- Callsign
- Zip Code
- Wind Speed and Direction
- Any Road Traffic Issues 

For inquiries, please contact travis.best@w3tmb.com

We anticipate your prompt reports. Stations may commence sending reports via Winlink at any time on 4/16/2024. Reports via DMR and HF will be accepted after 6 PM.


******EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE*****************