Reminder, our next monthly meeting is on next Monday, May 8th, starting at 7pm.  Agenda is below.


at 7:00pm (1900 hours) at Delaware County Emergency Services building (911 center)

360 Middletown Rd, Media, PA 19063

Discussion items





5 minutesIntroductions & Welcome

20 minutesDiscussion of EOC Exercise at 911 Center

The Delaware County Department of Emergency Services held an EOC (emergency operations center) exercise on Wednesday, which ARES was invited to participate in.

They had the following objectives:

  • Establish a Functional EOC: Activate staff, obtain necessary logistics, set up room(s), assign staff to regular and incident specific positions (HSEEP Operational Coordination)
  • Staff Response: Test to ensure that during the emergency response staff know and perform their roles and responsibilities, resources are managed, and the incident is mitigated. (HSEEP Operational Coordination)
  • Command and Management: Test of ability to provide coordination for an incident response, including activation of team, use of Incident Command System and resources. (HSEEP Response and Operational Coordination)
  • Communications: Test the agency’s ability to receive a report of the incident, activate the team, respond, and communicate internally and with community partners, with specific focus on evaluating communication, coordination and cooperation with local and other responders. (HSEEP Operational Communications and Public Information and Warning)

We will discuss what ARES did and what we learned from the exercise at the meeting.

15 minutesDiscussion of semi-portable fixed stations

We currently have 3 VHF/UHF/HF Go Kits with Yaesu FT-857 Radios (Yellow), and 3 1.2 GHz DSTAR Digital Voice/Data kits with ICOM ID-1 Radios (Orange).  Would like to have these units setup and ready for use (along with some type of antennas) or pickup at 3 locations throughout the Delaware County area.  I think ideally that would be north (Radnor), mid-county (911 center) and south (training center). 

Since the Yellow FT-857 kits have modems and (very old) HP notebooks, they may be able to double as Winlink stations most of the time and switched over as needed.  I would like to get everyone (me included) comfortable with using these radios, since they are different and older than the ICOMs most of us currently use.  I would also like to keep these active by having different people join the weekly net using these on a regular basis, so we keep famiral with their use and make sure that they are operational.

I would also like to use our HF capabilities to try and join in on the PEMA ACS net on a regular basis as well, so we get comfortable contacting them.  Having some basic information about what radios and antennas each of us has would be helpful for this as well.  I'd like to get people to complete their profile on the Delco ARES website to supply whatever you are comfortable with.

20 minutesEOC After Action Review (AAR)

We will put together an AAR (after action report) for the EOC Exercise from the ARES point of view.

Here's a sample from our field day last year:

20 minutesStandard Operating Procedures

Review of what we have started for Standard Operating Procedures and start to fill in some more details based on our AAR above.

Please review Standard Operating Procedures page, and we'll have a quick initial discussion of formalizing a Delco ARES Manual

Please review the SOP page and provide any feedback.

10 minutesGeneral discussionIf we are on schedule, we can have a general discussion and Q&A at the end of the meeting.