Attention EPA – Eastern Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Operators

Here’s your opportunity to represent the EPA Section
Using the Old Man’s call – W1AW/3

Portable W1AW Operation

As a part of the ARRL Year of the Volunteer celebration, the mystical callsign W1AW will be operating from all corners of ARRL-land. ARRL members in each state/territory will be approved to operate their stations during two different weeks using the callsign W1AW/x where x is one of the local regions: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, KL, KH0, KH2, KH6, KH7, KH8, KP2, KP3, or KP4. For example, EPA – Eastern Pennsylvania’s first week starts 2023-04-05, at 0000z and will run through 2023-04-11, at 2359z, using the callsign W1AW/3.

Each state coordinator will approve time, band, and mode slots throughout the week and hams will be able to operate their stations using W1AW/3.

Portable W1AW Rules

  • Each operator must follow the rules for their own license class. Stay in the sub-bands that you are legally allowed to operate.
  • Operators can operate anywhere in the EPA Section (Eastern Pennsylvania).
  • ARRL members that contact the Portable W1AW stations will receive 5 points in the VOTA event.
  • Each band/mode combination can be activated simultaneously. For example, W3FRC could be working on 20 M SSB, AA3E could be working on 20 M CW, K3RF could be working on 20 M FT8, andW3AEC could be on 40 M SSB, all at the same time.
  • State operations start at 0000z each Wednesday and stop at 2359z the following Tuesday.
  • Operations are not allowed on the 12 M, 17 M, 30 M, 60 M, 630 M, or 2190 M bands.
  • All logs for the week must be consolidated into one ADIF file. Email your completed logs to within 48 hours of your final time slot.
  • Each state W1AW coordinator, in East Pennsylvania that is Bob Wilson W3BIG will make a schedule to optimize the on-air time for those interested in running the callsign.
  • This page is the Eastern Pennsylvania–EPA schedule.

When you sign up for a two-hour slot, you are also selecting a band and a mode. Signing up for CW on 20m is one slot, phone and digital modes are two other slots.

Taking a slot on 40m CW does not mean you may use any mode on 40m. You may only use the band and mode you have been allocated, for the time period you requested. You may request multiple slots throughout the week.

Do you want to run another two-hour slot? Request that slot here before you start operating. Once you have been approved to operate by the state coordinator, you are ready to go.

We only allow one operator per band and mode at a time. Two operators can not share a slot. ie. W1AW/3 running CW on 7.022 and another station running W1AW/3 CW on 7.042 would be a violation of our agreement. If you have any questions, please contact East Pennsylvania State Coordinator Bob Wilson W3BIG at