This message was posted to the Philadelphia ARES list, and I wanted to share with Delco ARES as well..


Our member Laura, KC3QFB, has found the following WinLink Nets for those of you who would like to polish your WinLink Express skills.  A big thanks to Laura for finding and compiling these!!

Here you go:

These two nets are on “WinLink Wednesdays”.  Submissions can be made anytime on Wednesday.

Great Lakes Area WinLink Net (GLAWN)   This is the least structured of the nets.  Although Net Control sometimes requests use of certain forms, often there are no restrictions.  The only requirement is that, somewhere on the form, participants include their First Name, Call Sign, City, County, and State.  There are approximately 100 participants each week.   There is an info sheet (on the page), but you can basically join just by sending a WinLink message to KB8RCR on a Wednesday.

Groups.IO:  (this is not used often, he mostly communicates through WinLink)

Southern NJ EMCOM   This is a more structured net, with different tasks each week.  Approximately 25 +/- participate each Wednesday.  Although this group is for the ARRL Southern New Jersey Section Emergency Communications Team, it seems that more participants are outside of NJ.  They just completed a P2P experiment on Vara and ARDOP.

Groups. IO: (all info seems to go through Groups. IO)

This net runs on Thursdays.

EmComm Training   This is a national group that features structured weekly drills and training.  More complex drills are held on the 4th Thursday of each month - for example, they are offering a P2P Vara HF drill this week.  Over 1,000 participate on most Thursdays.  They also sponsor semi-annual large-scale drills.  They have published a Winlink training “Task Book”, which I have attached.