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DC R1 W3KG BOOTHWYN Delco Romeo One 446.775 441.775 5 - Minus FM Tone 88.5 Hz
DC O1 W3KG LIMA Delco Oscar One 146.94 146.34 0.6 - Minus FM Tone 131.8 Hz

The Booth Corner 440 system is at the Booth Station Buckeye Pipeline facility.  The tower on the property, which is also a tank farm, is about 275 feet tall and has no obstructions in the area.  It stands out on the Google Earth application. Our 222 MHz repeater antenna is the highest on the tower at the very top.  The 440 system has split antennas.  The receive only is about 250 feet up or so.  The transmit antenna is maybe 230 feet up.  The base of the tower is 385 feet above sea level, which is the highest spot in SW Delco.