DELSTAR EAST Digital Repeater System - N3AEC

Delaware County ARES-RACES' first D-STAR repeater system is located at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania on the county's eastern border with the city of Philadelphia. The repeater system was funded by DCMH and is the first Amateur Radio repeater in Delaware County dedicated to emergency communication. The repeater system began operation on March 25, 2010 and also has the distinction of being the first D-STAR repeater in Delaware County. The repeater system uses call sign N3AEC.

The repeater system, designated DELSTAR EAST, consists of an Icom ID-RP4000V 70cm digital voice (DV) repeater on 440.04375 Mhz, an Icom ID-RP2V 23cm digital voice (DV) repeater on 1255.5250 Mhz and an Icom ID-RP2D 23cm digital data (DD) repeater on 1299.7 Mhz. An ID-RP2C controller interconnects the repeaters and will soon be linked to the internet as a gateway station. Antennas for the system include a Celwave omni with 10.1 dB gain on 440 and a Comet omni with 14 dB gain on 1.2G. The repeater site is 185 feet AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level) with antenna center of radiation located 151 feet HAAT (Height Above Average Terrain). Power output on 440 is 25 Watts with an ERP of 203 Watts. On 1.2G, power output is 10 Watts with an ERP of 166 Watts.

Channel Name

On Air Name



Off Freq

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DD DE N3AEC DREXEL HILL Delstar Echo 440.04375 445.04375 5 + Plus DV

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Delstar East Repeater Technical Details

Call sign:  N3AEC

Location:  Delaware County Memorial Hospital

Municipality:  Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (Drexel Hill)

Coordinates:  N 39 57'16", W 75 17'0"

Ground Elevation:  185 feet AMSL

Center of Radiation:  305 feet AMSL, 151 feet HAAT

Antenna Pattern:  Omnidirectional

Antenna Gain (23cm):  14.00 dBi

Antenna Gain (70cm):  10.10 dBi

Transmitter Power (23cm): 10 Watts TPO / 166 Watts EIRP

Transmitter Power (70m):  25 Watts TPO / 203 Watts EIRP

PORT A Frequency:  1255.5250 Mhz (+ 12 Mhz)  DV and data @ 4.8kbps

PORT B Frequency:  440.04375 Mhz (+ 5 Mhz)  DV and data @ 4.8kbps

DD Frequency:  1299.7 Mhz  data @ 128kbps

Gateway Status:  N/A

Equipment:    Icom ID-RP2V 23cm DV Repeater (PORT A)

                          Icom ID-RP4000V 70cm DV Repeater (PORT B)

                          Icom ID-RP2D 23cm DD Repeater

                          Icom ID-RP2C Controller

                          TX-RX Systems 1.2G triplexer

                          TX-RX Systems UHF duplexer

                          TX-RX Systems UHF dual bandpass filter

                           Broadcast Sciences UHF isolater / preamplifier

                           Astron rack-mounted DC power supply

                           Powersonic 12V 100 AH AGM battery

                           West Mountain PG40S DC charger and power distribution panel

                           Polyphaser PLDO-120US 15A surge arrestor

Antennas:       23cm:  NGC / Comet GP-21 Omni (14 dBi gain)

                          70cm:  RFS Celwave PD-1151 Omni (10.1 dBi gain)