The net control station and/or ARES officials on the designated emergency net will provide additional instructions, including information on frequencies used for other resource and tactical nets. Normally, a resource net will enroll volunteers and provide information on how you can assist.

  • Be prepared to operate. Check all equipment and connections.

  • Check in with your assigned contact. Deploy to assignment with “Ready” kit.

  • Obtain tactical call sign for your location/assignment.

  • Initiate personal event log.

  • Enter assigned frequency(s) on log sheet and on emergency/frequency plan.

  • Use log form to record messages handled.

  • Use a formal message form when a precise record is required.

  • Use tactical call sign for your location, and observe FCC’s 10-minute ID rule.

  • Monitor your assigned frequency at all times. Notify NCS if you have to leave.

Emergency Communications