There were limited opportunities for participation in the 22 May Shippensburg PEMA exercise. All the clubs, ARES and unaffiliated hams that had expressed interest were not able to be accommodated. So, here is another chance to get involved.

You and your group are invited to participate from 0000 to 2400 on May 25, 2024 in sending Winlink check-ins to the PA Red Cross Regions. Deployment is encouraged but you can participate from home. Telnet is okay.

Detailed instructions are attached. Feel free to share the instructions with others. All PA hams are welcome.


As we could not accommodate all the radio clubs, ARES hams or unaffiliated hams that expressed an interest in supporting the PEMA exercise on May 22nd in Shippensburg and at various Red Cross shelters across the State, we have setup an ancillary exercise to invite interested individuals and groups to participate after the PEMA exercise.
Event time is 0000 to 2400 May 25, 2024

  • Try to deploy to a location that could be used as a shelter (e.g.,fire station, school, church). Get permission to be there, if necessary, and make certain you are in a legal location.
  • Operate from home if you cannot deploy.
  • Try to operate as a portable station without commercial power.
  • Send an unformatted Winlink message (e.g., don’t use any forms) to your appropriate tactical call ARC-SEPA for Delaware County

Operators should send a Winlink message with the following information:
Line 1 – Callsign, First Name, County. Indicate if you are ARES, Red Cross, or PEMA ACS, radio club affiliation, non-affiliated ham, etc.
Line 2 – Name of deployment location (e.g., Virtual Red Cross shelter at xyz community center or base station if working from home or club station)