Please see this notice below about a PEMA ACS state-wide exercise scheduled for tomorrow, May 22nd, from 11a to 2p.  You can participate easily by sending messages via Winlink to KB3NIA.  They will also be taking voice checkins on HF (7.2502 and 7.2275), as well as Brandmeister (Talkgroup 31420).  If you send a Winlink message, please CC me (W3CTK) as well.

-------- THIS IS AN EXERCISE ---------
**PEMA ACS Statewide Exercise Notification**
PEMA ACS will be participating in a statewide exercise on May 22nd from 11 AM to 2 PM. Available ACS operators are requested to assist in accepting and relaying traffic to PEMA HQ.
**Instructions for Stations:**
1. **Report Information:** Stations are requested to report their callsign, current temperature, wind direction, and wind speed using an ICS-213 form.
2. **Additional Information:** If possible, please also provide an ICS-205 form for repeaters available in your area.
3. **Message Transmission:** Preferred method of sending messages is via Winlink to KB3NIA.
4. **Monitoring Frequencies:** PEMA will be monitoring 7.2502 MHz and 7.2275 MHz, with adjustments made to avoid interference with other stations.
5. **Voice Check-In:** Stations checking in via voice should provide their callsign and zip code no other data is required.
6. **DMR Check-In:** Stations may also check in via DMR on Brandmeister Network Talkgroup 31420.
-------- THIS IS AN EXERCISE ---------