Today, the leaders of all the ARES groups in District 1 of Eastern PA got together to discuss what each group is currently doing.  This included Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, each represented by their emergency coordinator and assistants.  

Each county was asked to give a presentation on:

  • Your ARES served agency.
  • Number of ARES members.
  • Present your IC-205 including Primary and Backup Repeaters and Simplex Frequencies.
  • EC/AEC and EMCOMM activities including SET Participation and Results.
  • Status of any on-going projects (Who-What-Where-When-Why).
  • Problems or issues currently working.
  • How would you suggest we increase ARES membership?

Many thanks to District Emergency Coordinator Richard Stewart (K3ITH) for organizing, and Chester County EC Glenn Allison (N3MEL) for hosting.  Also wanted to thank our special guests, ARRL Atlantic Division Director Bob Famiglio (K3RF) and our Eastern PA Section Manager and Section Emergency Coordinator Robert G Wilson (W3BIG) for their participation as well.

We were also treated to a tour of the Chester County Emergency Operations Center and 911 Center.

Here are a few pictures that I took:

Here is the presentation that I gave for Delaware County: