Almost everything in my shack must GO within 5 months.
I do not (yet) have prices - but should soon.
I can DEMO anything you see - they all work.

de k3eui

Ameritron 811H amp (1995) with  811’s set for 240V AC
I run it on 100% cycle digi modes at 400W and 1700 volts
MFJ Tuner III rated at 1.5 kW
Modified to work on 10m
(has a ON/OFF power switch that needs replacement)
Great manual antenna tuner

Drake HF antenna tuner (2kW rating) MN2000 - beautiful pi network tuner

Dentron Clipperton HF amp  4  572B tubes runs with 240V AC
Has replacement tubes around 2005 with diodes/caps in 2005.
Time for upgrade (perhaps). Fan needs oiling once a year.
I only run this at “low” voltage (1700 volts) on 100% duty cycle digi modes
500 W output and does more PEP phone on the HV (3400 volt setting)

a nice combo - Dentron HF SSB amp and Drake tuner (manual)

Ameritron solid state 600W amp ALS600 and AC PS
I run it on “low” voltage on digi modes. No TUNE up.
Do not know how old.

Kenwood TS850 HF transceiver and MFJ antenna tuner and SignaLink sound card
I’ve had this rig since 1995.
Data modes with SignaLink plugged into DATA socket (not mic jack).
Some problem with SPEAKER output jack (I use the headphone jack anyway)
See the frequency?

Tek Scope (CRT) model 2236. 100 MHz and counter with manuals
Probably late 1980’s but works fine.
Can demo at my shack.

Two channel but only using A here
I only use it at audio frequencies but it goes up to 100 MHz

de k3eui barry
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