This is the latest from Bob Wilson W3BIG, EPA SEC, for the October SET.  I will be sending out some more information about the SET specific to Delaware County.

The final instructions for the October 1 SET are attached in an MS Word document.  This includes the exercise overview, timeframe, HF net schedule and a link for reporting SET participation to the ARRL.

For District 1 units (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties), instructions are included for sending a Winlink ICS-213 message to the Southeastern Chapter of the American Red Cross  (SEPA RED CROSS).

We wish to again remind participating ARES units that the SET design in flexible in nature and ECs are free to emphasize techniques and protocols they feel a need to practice. We are focusing on passing digital messages via Wnlink on packet, VARA-FM, FLDigi or VARA-HF. Use what works.

We have scheduled HF nets on 40 meters at 1200, 1400, 1600 and 1800 hours local. We will shift the HF net to 75 meters at 2000 and 2200.  If band conditions are less than favorable, we will switch from the primary to secondary HF frequency.

Please practice safety at all times, especially when deploying antennas and using gasoline-powered generators. Our volunteers are too important to lose.

Thank you again for volunteering your valuable time to participate in this critically important exercise. The skills you practice may someday save lives.