So Citizen Corps and all related organizations are well on the way to moving into our new training, office and storage space at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center.  I had the opportunity to go there again today to drop off some ARES related paperwork and some equipment.  

It is located at 1600 Calcon Hook Rd, Darby Twp near the Philadelphia Airport

Here are some pictures of the outside of the building:

The main area inside, will have classroom seating and projector available for training.

ARES area, by the window and entrance door.  There is a desk and small filing cabinet there for us.  There is also a locked closet area down the hall shared with CCDC/MRC that we use some of to store our equipment.

We will have some radios available here at this location, and it is very easy to put an antenna outside of the window there.  Above the entrance door is a metal awning so putting up a magnetic mount antenna either there or on a car parked outside would be very quick and easy to do, and the coax cable would be a very short run through the window.

Even though the location is low lying in the far southern section of the county, I was able to reach most of the repeaters we would ever need using my ICOM 5100 and a magnectic mount antenna on my car from the parking lot.  I had no problems with W3KG in Boothwyn and was able to reach both the Delstar West (Lima) and Delstar East (Drexel Hill) digital repeaters.  In addation, I was also able to reach the repeaters at the EOC of all the other counties: Chester (iWest Chester), Montgomery (Eagleville), Philadelphia (Roxboro) and Bucks (Warminster)