Reminder, our next monthly meeting is on Monday.  Agenda is below


at 7:00pm (1900 hours) at Delaware County Emergency Services building (911 center)

360 Middletown Rd, Media, PA 19063



  • Regular monthly in-person meeting.  

Discussion items

5 minutesIntroductions & Welcome

10 minutesARRL Task Book

Review what the ARRL Task Book is, along with Level 1, 2 and 3 requirements

Training (

Level 2 is required to be able to deploy for ARES. 
Level 3 recommended for those interested in leadership role.

Your task book: ARES Task Book - ARES of Delaware County - Confluence ( (requires login to member's area)

If you have not sent in documentation for your task book previously, please email it to Would also like to gather some basic information on everyone's equipment and capabilities, such as emergency power, HF operating, digital modes, etc.

5 minutesARES Meeting & Storage Space

At the start of the pandemic and deployment to Glen Mills, ARES was asked to give up our radio room & office space at the 911 center because of the needs that they had.  DES has been looking for space for us since, and we may now have a few solutions that we can discuss.  This would involve shared monthly meeting and classroom training space we could use, along with storage for our equipment and go kit radios.

Also as part of this effort, I would like to get our older go kits updated, tested and signed out to ARES members.  We need to be ready and able to use these kits if needed.  

5 minutesWinlink W3AEC-10 Station StatusStatus of locating all of the equipment needed for our Winlink W3AEC-10 station and setup at the 911 center.
30 minutesDigital Modes Training

Barry K3EUI, who runs the 5 county digital net, has proposed a Winlink for Rookies class to the EPA District 1 ARES leadership group.  This class focus on Winlink with VARA on HF SSB and VARA FM on VHF/UHF.  It will be a zoom online class, with Winlink & VARA download and setup covered in the first class..  The class will likely be on a weekday evening, starting in October for approximately 4 or 5 weeks.  I would encourage all Delco ARES members to be a part of this training if possible, and we should have more details in the coming weeks.

Also, we will do a quick overview of using DRATS using DSTAR radios and repeaters.

30 minutesEPA October SET Plans

Bob Wilson, W3BIG, EPA Section Emergency Coordinator, has schedule a SET (Simulated Emergency Test) for all of the Eastern PA section on October 1st.

Please review the following as we will be discussing our plans for the SET during our meeting on September 12th.

Here is the blog post with the announcement and overview of the general plan: 

October SET Overview - Eastern PA ARES - Saturday 10/1 (

Philadelphia ARES has sent out the following plans for their group, and invited all ARES District 1 members to join them:

Philadelphia ARES October SET Plans and involving Red Cross (

5 minutesGeneral discussionIf we are on schedule, we can have a general discussion and Q&A at the end of the meeting. 

Action items