Here’s an update and clarification about the PEMA ACS activation email and blog post from yesterday.

Also, the latest forecast models are moving the storm’s path a bit, and as a result this may be less of a big snowfall event, and more of some winters mix with heavy rain.  Keep an eye on the forecast and I will send out more information if NOAA alerts are issued or SKYWARN is going to be activated for Delaware County.

I want to clear up confusion that resulted from yesterday’s email.

To clarify, PEMA is not requesting County ARES to activate. PEMA does not have the authority to request a county entity to activate. Each County would have to make a decision to stand up and activate its own volunteers.

The message sent yesterday was merely looking for the availability of PEMA Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) volunteers and individuals who has signed up through SERVPA to help staff a statewide or regional net during the winter storm - if a net would be activated by PEMA.  

At this time a decision to activate has not been made. 

If an activation does happen more information will be provide. Frequencies and operation times we will be announced via a SERVPA message. We will be collecting information of interest from the affected areas from active ACS & ARES groups and Ham Operators around the state. We are asking that if your County has activated and or is planing to activate their ACS and or ARES groups that please let us know.

Please note that during a PEMA ACS net any licensed amateur radio operator can participate in the net and assist how ever possible.