During the end of 2020 all CCDC volunteers are asked to begin preparing for COVID 19 Immunization operations as part of our Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Program. There are currently several training opportunities list below that are part of this preparation.   Starting in January we intend to begin in person Point of Dispensing Exercises (PODEXs) using Delco MRC MCM Strike Teams. We plan to create multiple strike team that include approximately 30 volunteers each. You all can become part of a strike team. But this training is a must…

  • Immunization Training: Please review this great training for a fellow MRC unit. DO NOT SIGN IN!!! Just review the training at this link:

  • MCM 101 trainings: Basic understanding of our Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Program. You may have already participated in the training in the past. Volunteers only need to take this training once:

  • Vaccine Storage and Handling PPT: We will all need to know how to handle vaccine appropriately. Improper storage and handling can result in non-viable vaccine, patient revaccination, damage to public confidence in vaccine and significant financial loss. Patients refusing revaccination may not be protected from disease. Review the PowerPoint presentation at this link:

  • Vaccine Storage & Handling Train PA – go to Train PA at www.train.org/pa/home and look up “Immunization: You Call the Shots - Module 10 – Storage and Handling – 2020”: course ID 1089287. This course is required by PA DOH for all providers. This module is the tenth in a series titled Immunization: You Call the Shots and focuses on storage and handling requirements for vaccines

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training: go to Train PA at www.train.org/pa/home and look up "Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)": course ID# 1090953. This course was developed with specific focus on the long-term care setting. This educational activity will focus on the correct selection, use, and disposal of PPE to be used to support facility-specific infection policies and procedures. Please note: For best user experience, we recommend taking this course while using a laptop.

  • Cool Cubes video review: Cool Cubes have been purchased by the county to insure the proper vaccine storage and transportation.  Please review the following videos to familiarize yourself with this product: